mechanical jack

  • High Quality And Customized 20 Ton Industrial Steel Lifting Mechanical Jack

    High Quality And Customized 20 Ton Industrial Steel Lifting Mechanical Jack

    Operation Method

    1.According to the weight of gravity collapse given the placement of choice, will not tip over when lifting;  2,Lifting and landing must be destroyed board or full collapse of the foot area in contact with the weight in order to ensure sufficient strength to prevent falling weight;  3.Place destroyed the top floor should be solid, such as the ground is soft, should be added under the base pads, destroyed the top of the center position on the pad; 4.Shake before use empty once, from low to high, check for stuck or anomalies, everything is normal to use.

     Hand-cranking span top/mechanical jack Announcements
    1.Before use must know the weight, the use of the track jack, it is strictly prohibited to overload, lest cause the equipment damage accidents; 2. If the weight more than rated lifting weight, need more than one top carrying operation at the same time, keep more uniform top load carrying, up and down speed is consistent, stable; 3. When the heavy lifting, if not unloaded in a short time, you must fill plus with heavy weights below ground clearance equal to the auxiliary pad as support.
    Top rated
    lifting height
    Foot carrying the
    lowest position
    Take the top
    extreme higher
    position (mm)
    The roof
    At the top
    weight (kg)
    mechanical jack (3)
  • 5 Ton Heavy Duty Lifting Steel Rack Mechanical Jack For lifting

    5 Ton Heavy Duty Lifting Steel Rack Mechanical Jack For lifting

    This rack mechanical jack is suitable for railway track laying.bridge erection,and vehicles,equi-Pment,weight lifting purpose,has the advantages of simple structure,convenient use,safety and reliability,multiple and advantages,is a widely used tool for lifting.
    Working principle
    This rack mechanical jack is one kind of manual lifting tool,has the advantage of compact structure,reasonable use of rocker swing the tooth claw to move up and down,and Cooperate with fixed tooth claw linkage,push the rack of fall,lifting the lift along.


    The hand winch can be used alone, and can also be used as a component of hoisting, road building, mine hoisting and other machinery.

    It is widely used because of its simple operation, large amount of rope winding and convenient displacement.
    It is mainly used for material lifting or flat dragging of buildings, water conservancy projects, forestry, mines, docks, etc.
    1. Hand winches with or without cable / webbing;
    2. Working Load Limit (WLL.) from 300kg(66lbs) to 1500kg(3300lbs);
    3. Other customized color painted or electrophoresis are also available.
  • 16T China supply Hand Manual Mechanical Jack Lifting Jack Steel Ratchet Toe Jack

    16T China supply Hand Manual Mechanical Jack Lifting Jack Steel Ratchet Toe Jack


    1.Top quality steel structure makes high safety and durability.
    2.All Jacks are tested with 125% overload.

    3.Wear-resisting and durable.
    4.Safety Ratchet crane: one-sided braking effect and the load is held safety at every height with folding handle.
    5.Safety Rall Jack: High stability on uneven ground is ensured by the extra large floor plate.

    1. It is developed in accordance with the latest safety regulations. With milled rack, geared wheels and tempered parts of driving gear.
    2. In accordance with DIN 7355(type HVS).
    3. Suitable for lifting loads of any type.
    4. With lifting body.
    5. Safety crank with folding handle.
    6. Lifting either with fixed toe or on clawed head.
    7. All construction components standardized.
    8. Low expenditure of force through optimal ratio.

    Mechanical jack is a hand-cranked lifting tool.Choose the placement position of the hand-cranked top according to the center of gravity of the heavy object so that it will not be overturned when lifting. Therefore, the hand-cranked top can be used for lifting and lifting the top and the top in multiple projects.
    Manual mechanical jack of 1.5t,3t, 5t,10t, 16t, 20t,25t are pioneering Products at home and are
    replacement of conventional hydraulic jacks. They are good for repairing the vehicles and lifting the tracks. They are strong in construction with high safety factor,easy to use and very popular with the industrial and mining enterprises.

  • mechanical jack

    mechanical jack

    Mechanical Jack/Rack Jack
    The manual steel jack is designed by mechanical transmission principle.It’s one of the best lift tools used in repairing and supporting,etc.The lifting or lowering speed is controllable,
    Moreover,it overcomes the shortcoming of the common hydraulic jacks whose lowering height and speed is out of control when oil leaking.